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HiFi Pig, Part-Time Audiophile, and Positive Feedback Link-Up

05-24-2017 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 91

The Higher End: HiFi Pig, Part-Time Audiophile, and Positive Feedback link-up

Hi-Fi Pig Part-Time Audiophile Positive Feedback

In which our hero meditates…

Those of you who have been reading Positive Feedback over the years are aware of the fact that from our beginning, 28 years ago, we have maintained friendly and open relationships with other publications. In fact, for quite a long time in our paper-and-ink days we had a very loose consortium of fellow audiophile editors who were members of what I called "The Editors of the Round Table." Yes, it was very loose…in fact, it was more a statement by those there that we were friends, appreciated each other’s work, and shared the same passion for fine audio.

No big deal; just a gesture in the direction of some sense of a larger audiophile editorial community.

Once we went fully online with Positive Feedback back in June of 2002, we dispensed with the EotRT, but did hook-up over time with a few other publications that we felt were of special merit. We would share some select content with them; they would share some select content with us. The idea was to benefit all the readers at all of the associated sites.

Over the past few years, we have had three affiliate publications joining our community. They were:

HiFi Statement of Germany, Dirk Sommer, Editor

High Fidelity of Poland, Wojtek Pacula, Editor

The Tannhauser Gate, USA, John Marks, Editor

We have also seen Audio360 and Occupy HiFi come, and go. Ditto with one or two other sites.

As of now, however, we have concluded additional affiliate publication relationships with:

Part-Time Audiophile, USA, Scot Hull, Editor

HiFi Pig of France, Stu and Linette Smith, Editors

We welcome Scot, Stu, and Linette to the community of audio editors and publications at Positive Feedback, and recommend their sites to our readers. A major tip o' the hat, and a "Cheers!" to them all!

Dr. David W. Robinson


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