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Impressions:  A Collection of Notes on the Furutech Lineflux XLR NCF, V-1 Power Cable, and Pure Power 6 NCF

12-15-2023 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 130

David W. Robinson in Jerusalem, 2022 (portrait by John Robinson; image processing by Ye Olde Editor himself)

The Furutech Lineflux XLR NCF

The Furutech Lineflux NCF XLR interconnect (image courtesy of Furutech)

Furutech. A front-rank, top o' the heap high-end audio headquartered in Japan. I've followed their products for many years now, and for very good reasons:  Furutech builds really great products of the finest materials, and is always operating out at the edge of the possibilities of research and development in the audio arts. Meticulous to a fault, and sensitive to the prospects of finely tuned materials science, they are constantly creating fascinating new, nuanced designs. Their work is always industrial art.

And they do this not only for the Furutech line, but also OEM for a number of other audiophile companies, who use their various cable and connectors in their own products. In fact, the presence of Furutech connectors is often ballyhooed in their product announcements and on their Web sites…which is an ongoing testimony to Furutech's excellence.

So yes, I've been following Furutech.

The LineFlux NCF XLR interconnects  (Image courtesy of Furutech)

Back in late 2022, Furutech sent me a sample pair of their new Lineflux NCF XLR interconnects. It represents the latest iteration of their Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF) technology, which they detail on their Web page for these cables.

They describe NCF in this way:

"NCF: Nano Crystal² Formula

Incorporated into selected Furutech products, NCF features a special crystalline material that has two 'active' properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines this remarkable material with Nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional 'piezoelectric effect' damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, it is found exclusively in Furutech products."

We have four different listening spaces here at PF Central. With only one XLR pair to work with, I looked to put the Lineflux NCF into a system where its qualities could be very obviously heard. After thought, I put them into our Outdoor reference system. This consists of:

  • exaSound Delta Music Server (Intel i9 with 32GB RAM)
  • exaSound e62 Stereo DAC
  • Mytek Brooklyn Amp+
  • Focal 100 OD8-T Outdoor Loudspeakers
  • Furutech Daytona 303 Line Conditioner/AC Distributor
  • Furutech LAN8 NCF Ethernet Cables
  • Roon is the software control interface for the Delta

The Lineflux NCF XLR was placed between the exaSound e62 DAC outputs and the Mytek Brooklyn Amp+ inputs. It replaced my earlier esteemed JENA Labs Pathfinder XLRs.

Image courtesy of JENA Labs

The contrast was fascinating. The Pathfinder, two down from their top-of-the-line Awakening XLR, is a hand-woven pure copper mesh that had been cryo-treated, has a sound that combines openness and detail with a pleasant lightly-warm musicality that has shown itself to be an excellent choice in any setting that I've tried it over the years. Jennifer and Michael Crock of JENA Labs are brilliant designers, and world-class artisans; I've known them since around 1992, when George Cardas first recommended their work most highly. We used their cables for many years in various applications, and I knew the JENA Labs sound very well.

The installation of the Lineflux NCF cable was therefore an interesting revelation for me.

Another view of the Furutech Lineflux NCF interconnects (image courtesy of Furutech)

Right out of the box, the Lineflux showed a different character than its predecessor. It is definitely very strong in its transparency (and thus, clarity), detail, dynamic quickness. This is a truly fast cable. ("Really QUICK, David!" Lloyd Walker would have said.)

Lloyd the Man...quickness in all that he did, except in his audio craftsmanship. I still miss him.... (portrait and image processing by David W. Robinson)

More than that, the sense of neutrality brought by the NCF technology is quite marked. Whisper quiet…not a hint of outside anything. Incredibly silent, this cable.

Ye Olde Editor enjoying the music with cigar, Port, and the Furutech Lineflux NCF XLR in the mix in PF's reference outdoor system (portrait by John Robinson)

Despite the previous pleasantness of the JENA Labs Pathfinders, use of the Furutech Lineflux NCF XLR led to a noticeable performance increase in our outdoor listening space via Roon on our deck here. Particularly our large library of DSD sources on NAS put the question to the Lineflux NCFs, with DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 all being in play quite regularly. In outdoor setting, having this level of quickness and transparency has been quite pleasant. All who visit here…and there are a lot of audio/cigar guests who drop in…appreciate the result.

Ditto with Qobuz Hi-Rez PCM, though I consider PCM .FLAC, even at high rates, to be not the equal of DSD.

I could ramble on, but there's no proint in that. Regardless of source type, the Lineflux NCF XLRs demonstrated over time that they are definitely world-class, top o' the heap cables, and certainly set a benchmark in this price range.

Spendy, but not ruinously so...and you can invest a lot more for reference-level cables.

Very highly recommended! And the winner of a 2023 Brutus Award from me.

Furutech Project V-1 Power Cable

Scot Markwell of Elite AV Distribution at the Pacific Audio Fest in 2022 (photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

Cutting to the chase:  Scot Markwell of Elite AV was the person who brought Furutech's Uber-Reference Project V-1 Power Cable to my attention back in 2022. He had it in his room at PAF 2022, a space that sounded excellent to me.

In the aftermath of that show, Scot got in touch with me to see if I would be interested in listening to the V-1 Power Cable in tandem with Furutech's Pure Power 6 Power Distributor (see below). Given what I had heard, I was willing. It wanted to see what these two would sound like in our office reference system, which is quasi near-field, and quite revealing.

The Furutech Project V1 reference power cable in its very handsome bamboo presentation case (image courtesy of Furutech)

Before proceeding, some background would be helpful. Furutech has this to say about the Project V-1 Power Cable:

"The Project-V1 is Furutech's new flagship power cord and is the culmination of 30 plus years investigation by Furutech into all aspects of power and signal transmission for high end audio applications. The Project-V1 features Furutech's ground-breaking technologies, patented designs, and the absolute highest quality materials, including:

  • Furutech's special antistatic and antiresonance NCF material (Nano Crystal² Formula).
  • Piezo "active" materials to mechanically and electrically damp as they "interconvert" resonance into thermal release.
  • Alpha Process (Deep Cyro and Demagnetizing treatment of metal parts).
  • Carbon particle damping materials.
  • Floating Field Damper mechanism shunting electrical potentials to ground
  • Alpha OCC Mono Crystal Conductors.
  • Alpha DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper.

Furutech's enthusiasm for the Project V-1 even extends to a YouTube marketing video that's long on mood and feeling…


…but not a technical or evaluative study. That's understandable, given the luxury and quality of this very expensive ($9550 at the time of publication) reference power cable. Apparently, Furutech is producing this as a very limited edition, with a rumored run of only 40 units.

Furutech's Project V1 Reference Power Cable (image courtesy of Furutech)

The quality of the build on this cable was unmistakable. Heavy due to its complex construction, the Project V-1 (or V1; I've seen it both ways) impresses just as soon as you handle it. Very elegant, very seductive. And yes, fine audio gear can be quite seductive.

I used it with the Furutech Pure Power 6 Power Distributor; therefore, my comments on the sound of that tandem is found below.

But I can say that the Project V1 Power Cable is easily outstanding enough to rate one of my 2023 Brutus Awards.


Furutech Pure Power 6 Super Barrier Power Distributor

The Furutech Pure Power 6 Super Barrier Power Distributor with NCF technology (image courtesy of Furutech)

If the Furutech Project V1 Power Cable represents Furutech's latest assault on the state of the art in audiophile AC cords, their Pure Power 6 Super Barrier Power Distributor likewise seeks to achieve the same in the world of passive power distribution. My time with them both indicated that Furutech has really achieved a striking...even amazing...achievement.

Furutech highlights the following elements that were incorporated into this application of their NCF to the Pure Power 6…best to let them say it in their own words:


Nano Crystal² Formula – Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder

Incorporated into select Furutech products, Nano Crystal² Formula – NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two "active" properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static and secondly, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional "Piezo Effect" damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material.

Furutech upgrade their Pure Power 6 AC Mains Distributor, the ultimate expression of Furutech's Pure Transmission Technology. Furutech engineers each and every step of power and signal transfer – no matter how small – using the finest materials and technologies available, like their proprietary Formula GC-303 EMI-absorbent material and Two-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Super α (Alpha) Treatment applied to all metal parts.

Luxury Build

The Pure Power 6 NCF is built like a Swiss bank vault, a virtual black hole for EMI and RFI. The substantial, beautifully-crafted chassis is precision CNC-machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

Three separate milled compartments house three independently-wired duplex receptacles using top-quality Fluorpolymer-shielded high-purity silver-plated Alpha-OFC. The hot and neutral conductors from the IEC are loomed into a large, centrally-located chamber—secured Bugatti-like with eight beautifully machined rivets—that's filled with Furutech's EMI-absorbent Formula GC-303 material. GC-303 absorbs the high-frequency noise that develops whenever passing current through wire.

Furutech's patented GTX-D NCF Receptacles enhance the vault-like build, ensuring the tightest and most secure power cord fit imaginable. Pure Transmission Technology is applied at every level: The rhodium-plated receptacles are not simply flush with the outer chassis but tapped 25mm into the thick aluminum for an outstandingly tight fit.

Furutech's already robust mounting flanges at top and bottom of each duplex outlet are held in place against the chassis with thick aluminum blocks applying pressure along the entire width of the flange rather than just securing it with screws at four points.

When Furutech say Pure Transmission, they mean it. Each duplex receptacle is additionally stabilized with double Axial Locks; a pair of special factory-torqued screws anchor the back of each receptacle at two points for ultimate mechanical integrity.

Four elegantly machined adjustable footers keeps the Pure Power 6 stable for your system's power cords. Run digital into one duplex, analog front-end components into another, and your amplifier on the third for stunning, unrestricted, clean, stable AC power and rich, dynamic sound.

Pure Transmission Grounding/Earthing Post

The three duplex receptacles are not wired to incoming ground; they "float" electrically. The green ground wire from the incoming IEC fitting is tightly fixed to the chassis at the bottom of the center chamber before it's filled with GC-303, which further isolates the noisy ground. To ensure your safety the Power 6 must be grounded at its Grounding/Earthing Post located near the input IEC."

You can read the full page of descriptors at HERE.

Many approaches to power distribution involve active filtering or AC power regeneration. Furutech's Pure Power 6 is entirely passive, it seems, though done at an exceptionally high level. Using advanced materials science combined with meticulous craftsmanship, this unit, in a milled aerospace-grade aluminum chassis, tips the balance beam at an impressive 22 lbs. There is one AC input, and two sets of three AC output plugs, with enough space to comfortably insert your cables.

This tandem was placed in our reference office system, and used over nearly a year with various high-end AC cables (Furutech, Kubala-Sosna, Synergistic Research, RSX Technologies, Cardas, and JENA Labs). Our system consisted of the following components:

Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson

  • Vinnie Rossi L2i SE Integrated Hybrid Amplifier
  • Focal Sopra 3 Loudspeakers
  • Luxman D-10X SACD Player
  • Aavik D-580 DAC (up to DSD128)
  • ModWright Analog Bridge
  • Stillpoints ESS Rack with Rail Grids and SS Isolation Feet
  • Signal cabling (varying) by Kubala-Sosna, Synergistic Research, and RSX Technologies
  • Omega Concerto loudspeaker cables by TARA Labs
  • Power cabling as listed above, plus the Furutech Project V-1 powering the lot
  • Power distribution by Furutech Pure Power 6

Our musical sources included DSD64 and DSD128 albums from our PF QNAP 1273u NAS, JRiver's Media Center 30 and 31, Qobuz streaming, and TIDAL streaming. My musical tastes being quite eclectic, genres were all over the place…from classical and jazz to progressive and alternative rock, to ambient and electronic music, plus a number of favorite soundtracks. (We're talking hundreds of recordings here…too many to document!)

I confess that, at first, I was a bit skeptical if such an all-out assault on the possibilities of unfiltered. Despite having a sense of the results in Scot Markwell's room, I still needed to hear it for myself in a well-known system here.

Over the course of time, my initial impression of the quality and killer synergy of the V1/Pure Power 6 was confirmed. What transparency! What clarity! A noise floor that wasn't discernable. Incredible dynamics, and fiendishly good detail, all leading to a musicality that was nothing less than killer on all kinds of recordings. In fact, I found the V1/Pure Power 6 to be flawless in every way.

In fact, I only know of two unfiltered power distributors that achieve this level of performance:  this, and the Kubala-Sosna Expander, which we also have here.

And from me, that is very high praise, indeed.


Well, what else can I say?

I have not heard anything that betters the Furutech V1/Pure Power 6 when it comes to transparency, clarity, lightning-like quickness, and unrestricted dynamics in the realm of passive AC power distribution. In my audio experience, only Kubala-Sosna's Expander is operating at this stratospheric level. (As I think about it, Walker Audio's Velocitor was likewise sumptuous in its ability to deliver power that was fast and crystalline. I don't want to forget Lloyd's work in that design...although Walker Audio is no longer in operation and the Velocitor is out of production, with his passing.) Like the very best passive preamps that I've heard, there's so much more in this less.

Now it is true that the V1 Power Cable with its limited edition run rumored to be only 40 units, and its extraordinary design and construction, is going to be hard to source. And its price point of $9550 puts it out of range of most of us.

The same is true of the Pure Power 6, at $10,675. The tandem is certainly a daunting purchase.

But for audio power purists who have the funds, and are looking for immense performance in AC Power Distribution, these products from Furutech should (must!) be on your very short list to research.

And yes:  the Furutech Pure Power 6 richly merits one of my 2023 Brutus Awards!

Done, with enthusiasm for all of these products!

Lineflux XLR NCF:  MSRP USD $2,490

V-1 Reference AC Power Cord:  MSRP USD $9,550

Pure Power 6 Ultimate Super Barrier Power Distributor:  MSRP USD $9,800



USA Distributor

Elite Audio Video Distribution, Scot Markwell



By the way, Scot Markwell asserts that he has all of these Furutech products in stock currently. Check with him if you interested in finding out more/purchasing these.

All photographs as credited; Sir John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland drawing is in the public domain.