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Devore Fidelity Orangutan Reference System Debut for North America at Common Wave Audio - A Night Out

06-27-2019 | By Dave Clark | Issue 104

Common Wave Audio is the most recent audio store to open in the greater Los Angeles area. Owned and run by Wes Katzir, this store, or better yet consider it to be a destination, is simply an amazing place to visit. Not your typical audio store, Common Wave is more about being a "place" to buy audio equipment, but a "space" to sit and enjoy music, art, furniture, and a sense of "coolness" as well. Great sound can be found here, as well as a ton of new and used LPs, and whatever else you might desire to make your place of residence a whole lot nicer. Love the aesthetics of Common Wave, love the vibe, heck, Carol and I could spend a few days here just exploring. Featured brands include E.A.R, Devore Fidelity, Pear Audio, Nagra, Rega, Larsen, EAT, SimAudio, Harbeth, NAD, Pro-Ject, Soundsmith, and many, many others.

This is not so much about what Wes has done at Common Wave, but about a recent event held there to launch not only Nagra's HD line, but the new statement loudspeakers from Devore Fidelity; the Orangutan Reference loudspeakers. There is a lot to be said about these new statement loudspeakers from John, best to go to his site to learn more, as I am not sure I could tell you all there is to know! A great time was had by everyone invited to this private event... wonderful music, food, drink, and conversation.

Devore Fidelity Orangutan Reference System

The Devore Orangutan Reference loudspeakers with the Nagra HD preamplifier and DAC. Also in the chain were the E.A.R. 509 amplifiers, the Pear Audio's Kid Thomas turntable, and cabling by Shunyata. Big enveloping sound that showed zero, if any, constraints in terms of dynamics, slam, and bass extension. Very musical and very easy to listen to regardless of what was tossed its way. Of course we are listening to a system and not individual components, so how each sounds... no idea. But as a system... simply stellar. Other than Munich, this is the Devore Orangutan Reference loudspeakers' only other time being played for the public. Way cool. Stunning workmanship and attention to every detail... kudos John and team on the new loudspeakers. We did hear an earlier version of these at RMAF back in 2018, and these are the latest and final version... or revisions. Done. A true reference in every way. Heck, the system is a true reference.

A closeup of the Devore Orangutan Reference loudspeakers. Powered sub to the right.

The Nagra HD DAC and preamplifier with separate power sections. Both visually and aurally stunning.

Rene Laflamme of Nagra.

The E.A.R amplifier (one of the monos) used to power the Devore Orangutan Reference loudspeakers' main cabinet.

Autechre and art. Homey.

One of the listening "spaces." Makes one think they are home. Comfy.

Common Wave Audio

Another shot of a listening "space."

John Devore and Norbert Schmied of MoFi Distribution.

Michael Vamos of Audio Skies in the foreground explaining all things analog. In the background is Dan Meinwald of E.A.R. USA, Wes Katzir of Common Wave, and Steve Lefkowicz of PF.

The food spread... another work of art.

More Nagra along with Devore and Klipsch in another listening "space."

As the crowd gathers. Wonderful wine and whisky.


Michael, Norbert, and John... this is how it all works in life.


Carol explaining how things work.


More Devore and E.A.R in still another listening "space."

Pear Audio in the background.

Analog is to be found here... in great quantities.

E.A.R. integrated.

Pear Audio and EAT.

Vinyl, listening stations, furniture, headphones... and so much more. A lot of affordable entry here too. Impeccable attention to detail.

Listening in comfort.

Beach House. Now there we go!