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David Elias YouTube Music Video: "The Long Road Home"

01-21-2020 | By David Elias | Issue 107

David Elias The Long Road Home

David Elias:  self-portrait at the Kilauea volcano crater, Hawai'i; Mauna Loa is in the distant background

David Elias is a Musician-in-Residence here at Positive Feedback, and a longtime contributor to our magazine. He is a very early adopter of DSD, and worked with the renowned DSD master engineer Gus Skinas to produce several albums recorded in Single DSD. He is also quite conversant with other digital formats, as evidenced by two other articles here in Issue 107.

David was kind enough to send along a recent recording and music video of a song that he had written:  "The Long Road Home."

I really liked it, and thought that I would share it with our readers.

David is an exceptional songwriter and musician, which is why he occupies the post here that he has. Check out the YouTube link below, and you'll see why that is....

Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief