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Positive Feedback ISSUE 45
september/october 2009


RMAF 2009 - A Pictorial Report, Part 1
by Dave and Carol Clark



Opening day at the sixth annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO. The weather was glorious, the company even better. It was bittersweet seeing Marjorie Baumert without Al by her side, but his presence was definitely felt.

Esoteric and Sounds Real Audio... sounded quite nice.

TEAC electronics. Nice.

The Esoteric and Sounds Real Audio system.

Can Jam at the Rocky Mountain Events Center inside the Marriot. This room was quiet!

Headphone setup by Beyerdynamic at the Can Jam.

Moon Audio at Can Jam.

More Can Jam. Did I mention it was quiet?

Head Room featured Sennheiser headphones.

More Can Jam and Head Room.

Can Jam was a welcome addition to the RMAF. Lots of cool headphone amps and cool headphones, including in-ear models.

Sonic Studio's Jon Reichbach, John Hughes, and Lee Mincey.

Atma-Sphere, Classic Audio Loudspeakers, and Tri-Planar tonearms.

Beautiful Tri-Planar tonearms.

Bryan, are you on the phone again?

In the Bluebell room: Analysis Audio, Arion Audio, JPS Labs cables, Chang Lightspeed, PS Audio, Sonus Veritas, and Real Traps.

Empirical Audio  elaborate chain of what is connected to what..

Sonic Studio's Amarra software as used in the Empirical/BPT room.... was also seen in a lot of rooms

Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC and Substation power supply.

Balanced Power Technology and Empirical Audio.

BPT, Empirical Audio, and Sonic Studio.

The Primrose room: Audio Limits showed FM Acoustics, YG Acoustics loudspeakers, Weiss Engineering, and Blacknote.

In the Larkspur room: Aaudio imports showed Acapella loudspeakers, Einstein electronics, and Isoclean power treatments.

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