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Positive Feedback ISSUE 4
december/january 2003


CES 2003 - A quick look at what was good and, well, not so good, page 2.


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This room featuring Audiopax ( Model 88 amplifiers, Venture speakers, Sound Application AC filtration (, and Elrod AC cables snaking their way around, sounded very fast and clean. WOW! Good sound and very dynamic. The rest of the electronics were from Goldmund! Yow! Like I said we have the Elrod stuff here and am expecting the Sound Application products soon. Would love to get the speakers and amps though... stay tuned for more.


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The Gershman Acoustics ( and Kora Electronics ( room sounded very good. The Opera Sauvage offered a very big and robust sound, but one that was never tiring (pictured below). We are getting the newly revised GAP and entry level Cameleon (pictured above) speakers by spring. Sorry to miss Jeff and Francios of Kora, who did not make the trip (two of the cooler guys in the business), but got to visit again with the lovely Ofra from Gershman—truly one of the nicest and sweetest people at the show.

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The Rogue Audio (, Acoustic Zen Cables (, and Meadowlark speakers ( room sounded big and bold—like Mark O'Brian looks! He and Phil are two of the nicer guys around! Rogue showed off their new statement amplifier (muy watts for not so muy cash) with the Blue Herron 2 speakers, which together sounded very effortless and rich. Perhaps a bit too much bass, but with hotel rooms, what do you expect? We were promised the best from Robert Lee's line of cables, so expect that review in the coming months!

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Also on exhibit in the Rogue/Meadowlark/Acoustic Zen room were the Avid Turntables ( We are looking forward to getting their new entry level table soon. What a nice table to finally see in the states.


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Cairn Audio ( offered a nice sound, but nothing to get too excited about. Great stuff at affordable prices, but rather ho-hum. Even so I would love to hear the line for myself! We will pursue a review. Hey Srajan loved the player, so it has to be better then we heard.


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Sophia ( and Galante ( offered a very relaxed and pleasing sound. The new Baby amplifier (shown in the middle below) is offered at $800! Review coming soon! Ditto with the Galante Symphony speakers. Nice stuff at affordable prices! That is what we need to see more of!

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