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Positive Feedback ISSUE 3
october/november 2002


Livin' With the Blues in Salina, 2002 Sneak Preview
by Dave Glackin

Chad Kassem's 5th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads festival at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas, was an incredible event. Here, to whet your appetite, are images of nearly all the artists who appeared. A full article will follow.

Also shown is the historic Mutual Musicians Foundation in Kansas City. The author was fortunate enough to have a tour of it, located in the heart of the old Kansas City jazz & blues area, by Ramonda Doakes. Ramonda is the past president of the MMF, and basically saved it from ruin.


hammond.jpg (28212 bytes)
John Hammond
BillyBoyArnold.jpg (22028 bytes)
Billy Boy Arnold


BobStroger.jpg (27343 bytes)
Bob Stroger
CarolFran.jpg (20389 bytes)
Carol Fran


Chad.jpg (26139 bytes)
Chad at the console
Gable.jpg (22576 bytes)
Guitar Gable


HandyAwardNomination.jpg (20832 bytes)
Handy Award nomination
HarryHypolite2.jpg (26781 bytes)
Harry Hypolite


HenryGray.jpg (15213 bytes)
Henry Gray
JohnHammond2.jpg (29161 bytes)
John Hammond


Jay'sPiano.jpg (11170 bytes)
From Jay McShann's piano
JodyWilliams.jpg (27407 bytes)
Jody Williams


KingCarl.jpg (18689 bytes)
King Carl
JohnHart.jpg (23641 bytes)
John Hart


LazyLester.jpg (22499 bytes)
Lazy Lester
LittleBob.jpg (27626 bytes)
Little Bob


MajorHandy.jpg (26981 bytes)
Major Handy
MutualMusiciansFoundation.jpg (23985 bytes)
Mutual Musicans Foundation


MyraTaylor.jpg (20609 bytes)
Myra Taylor
RobertLockwood-2.jpg (21925 bytes)
Robert Lockwood


TabBenoit2.jpg (22867 bytes)
Tab Benoit
WarrenStorm.jpg (18343 bytes)
Warren Storm


HistoricUnionBanner.jpg (37141 bytes)
Historic Union banner
TheAuthorRamondaDoakes.jpg (44252 bytes)
The author and Ramonda Doakes