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Positive Feedback ISSUE 9
october/november 2003


VSAC 2003 - A Terrific Regional Fine Audio Show!
Photo Essay, Part II: The Second Day, First Chapter

by David W. Robinson


electronluv_amp_fresco.jpg (31269 bytes)

Once we were up and about on the second day of VSAC, it was time to get busy! I decided to start on the third floor and work my way down. The first thing that I checked out was the Electronluv room, where the good mad doctor Josh Stippich was once more wowing the masses with designs not seen on any planet in the nearby vicinity of Earth. (No lie!)

electronluv_system_sharp.jpg (48788 bytes)

Caption: Uh, YEAH!

Ever since Josh's work splashed down (or was beamed down!) at VSAC 2001, his work has attracted the attention of audiophiles everywhere for its combination of beauty and esoteric audio craftsmanship. He deserves an award of some kind for fusing eye and ear so seductively—kudos, Josh!

elctronluv_tube_vertical.jpg (40370 bytes)

Designs like this speak for themselves…

electronluv_cain_01.jpg (48670 bytes)

Right next door to Josh, Terry Cain had his room equipped with Cain & Cain speakers, Electronluv electronics, and a radically cool computer-based PCM digital playback from hard disk system that was hard for IT types to resist!

electronluv_preamp.jpg (26942 bytes)

An Electronluv preamp… mondo kewl, for sure.

computer_as_source.jpg (26733 bytes)

A closeup of the VRS Audio Systems PCM playback system…computer as source!

teres_audio_model245_turnta.jpg (47400 bytes)

Let's not forget analog—a Teres Audio turntable lurked in the corner of Terry's room.

electronluv_glowing_fresco.jpg (95634 bytes)

Fine audio as fine art…

The Teres Audio/Bolder Cables/Radii/VMPS/Hagerman room caught my eye for different reasons—more terrific turntable action!

teres_audio_model345_turnta.jpg (20792 bytes)

The Teres Audio Model 340 turntable… if you love wood and vinyl, you love this…

hagerman_phono_stage.jpg (36639 bytes)

The Teres Audio turntable was paired with the Hagerman phono amp…more cool tubes (and dampers!) galore….

VMPS.jpg (35790 bytes)

Some of Brian Cheney's VMPS speakers at work with Teres Audio/Bolder Cables/Radii and Hagerman.

exemplar_galibier.jpg (31232 bytes)

The Exemplar Audio/Galibier Design room featured some classic horn-loaded cabinets…

galibier_turntable.jpg (31370 bytes)

…and the appealing new Galibier Design Signature turntable. Thom Mackris and I are already talking about working up a review of either the Signature or the new Extreme model; I'll let you know how this turns out. Note the unique broad drive band… quite the departure from past wisdom.

cabling.jpg (39129 bytes)

Cabling and power treatment were out in force!

FIM_Premier_Audio01.jpg (27834 bytes)

Much to my sorrow, Winston Ma was not able to attend this year's VSAC—it's just not the same without Winston!—but his products were in evidence in the First Impression Music/Premier Audio room. Also present was the Exemplar Universal player, with some of Winston's fine SACDs and XRCD24s.

exemplar_universal_player.jpg (25267 bytes)

exemplar_universal_card.jpg (22571 bytes)

bent_audio_ultrasonic_recor.jpg (41247 bytes)

Now here's a radically kewl idea… the NYL Ultrasonic Record Cleaner from Bent Audio! Yes, we are already in the queue to review it… and no, you'll have to get your own!

bent_audio_pre_pieces.jpg (25430 bytes)

Some of the Bent Audio components on display… good looking stuff.

Galibier's turntables were here, as well. Thom Mackris' work is very promising; I'm really looking forward to giving it a listen later this year.

hagerman_with_phono_amp.jpg (27240 bytes)

Jim Hagerman of Hagerman Technology with his new tubed phono amp.

jim_hagerman.jpg (26582 bytes)

galibier_watercolor.jpg (26384 bytes)

Turntable technology that is this beautiful crosses from engineering to art…Galibier as daydream…

hedrich_clark.jpg (20291 bytes)

After leaving the Bent Audio/Hagerman/Galibier room, Dave Clark (right) and I saw none other than Ron Hedrich of Marigo Audio.

rochlin_ferrari_suit.jpg (34751 bytes)

Another fine moment with Audiobud Steve Rochlin. Steve's a confirmed Ferrari lover, just as I am passionate about Porsche—but I don't have a way cool driving suit, mit shoes!

rochlin_shoe_drybrush.jpg (17620 bytes)

Yowzah! The height of fashion, Steve!

lowther_experience_music_va.jpg (24614 bytes)

The Lowther/Experience Music/Vacuum State Electronics room had a clean look and feel.

bottlehead_lamp.jpg (30672 bytes)

Doc B.'s room (Bottlehead/MagneQuest/Progressive Engineering/Paul Stubblebine Mastering) was in an awful lot of ways the best of the show.

30ips_open_reel.jpg (24997 bytes)

Of course, a lot of that might have to do with 30ips Stubblebine inch half-track masters as a source, eh?!

doc_b_presenting_vertical.jpg (23418 bytes)

Doc B. presenting his work.

doc_michael_romanowski.jpg (30479 bytes)

Doc. B and Michael Romanowski getting ready to fire it up!

bottlehead_gear.jpg (44863 bytes)

The Doc has got some exceptional SET designs going these days… gorgeous to see, wonderful to hear. Quite a lot of work went into his setup, it's clear. (Love the LP there, too! I really miss 12" album jacket art work—don't you?)

dave_carol.jpg (28959 bytes)

Dave and Carol Clark digging the fine sound in Bottlehead City

gordon_glackin.jpg (21127 bytes)

…ditto for Roger Gordon and Dave Glackin…

ricker_listening.jpg (25959 bytes)

…and double-damn ditto for Stan Ricker!

Well, so much for the third floor; I'll be covering the next two floors in my next show report.

I've got to sneak out right now and publish some of the top secret, "please don't publish THOSE photos!!!" photos…heh heh!!