Apogee Scintilla - 1 ohm model with all new ribbons by Graz. New steel stands fabricated by True Sound Works.

Plinius SA-250mkIV amplifier and a BAT VK31-SE preamplifier.

Apple iMac 24" running Leopard and Frontrow/iTunes. Pop Pulse Digital conversion device handling the USB to SP/DIF duties. Assemblage D2D-I jitter reducer and up-sampler and an Assemblage DAC-3 fully balanced DAC.

Furutech Evolution Series Power Cables, Furutech Evolution Series Speaker Cables (BiWire), Furutech Evolution Series XLR Balanced cables,
PAD Contego digital SP/DIF cable, and CyroParts USB cable.

PS Audio Premier power plant in Limited Edition black and PS Audio power ports.


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Positive Feedback ISSUE 73
may/june 2014



SoundPath Isolation Feet

as reviewed by Pete Davey


SVS SoundPath Isloation Feet

You may have noticed an odd pattern as of late where I've reviewed a few isolation devices. I guess that is good news, for me anyway, as I've always considered these things the icing on the cake. Before you put icing on, you have to ensure the cake is good—I hope you get the analogy. Things are sounding good here and there's always room for improvement, right?!

While at the last CES, I went into the SVS room and it's always a refresher to see cool / innovative products from those companies that have been around for some time—continually inventing, providing the industry with newer and better things. There are also those other ones that have become complacent and just sell the widget that they've been selling for 10+ years and hope people don't grow bored of it.

I was met immediately by a smiling patron of SVS—Nicholas Brown, where he was very enthusiastic about the recent offerings, new subwoofers (some MASSIVE!!) and also, interestingly enough, isolation gear. It's not often you find a speaker manufacturer also designing isolation feet / gear, so I let Nicholas give me the spiel.

I'm not new to isolation feet, I've written earlier reviews using them between my components—and it's always a fun review as they all have a difference (yet minute) on the sound. Yes, there have been times where it wasn't preferable (shifting focus in the wrong direction, causing an influence on a particular frequency, etc.

One thing I've never given any merit to, are speaker isolation devices. I mean, why not? It makes perfect sense—here are these boxes, outputting more vibrations than any other device in the system (duh) and they're usually directly coupled with your ground! The worse place to put anything… Some speakers, do come with spikes, which are usually very helpful, but what about the ones that don't?

SVS SoundPath Isloation Feet

Enter in the SVS Soundpath feet—I've been using these on the Zu Dominance subwoofer for a few months now and it's had an extraordinary impact on my home theater system where there have always been resonances created between the sub and the furniture in my home. I have wood flooring and the spikes that came with the sub couldn't be utilized. Gone was the flabby bass, gone was the rattling / vibration caused by the interface of the subwoofer to the ground. For an upgrade as cheap as this, the payoff was well worth it.

If you're in the air about speaker isolation, or any isolation at that point— I suggest you start here if anywhere. The pricing isn't audiophile crazy, and what you get for the money is spot on. Peter Davey

SoundPath Feet
Retail: $49.99 for four

SV Sound