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Positive Feedback ISSUE 7
june/july 2003


In Rotation, Part 1

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The following is a list of discs that are getting heavy rotation in various writers' systems this month. Watch as other writers list what is spinning in their systems!


In rotation with David Robinson


bernstein_west_side_story_S.jpg (11167 bytes)

Richard Bernstein West Side Story SACD

blakey_keystone3_SACD.jpg (6035 bytes)

Art Blakey Keystone 3 SACD

channel_classics_sampler_SA.jpg (7259 bytes)

Channel Classics Sampler SACD

corea_new_york_SACD.jpg (4755 bytes)

Chick Corea Rendezvous in New York SACD

di_meola_SACD.jpg (6931 bytes)

Al DiMeola Flesh on Flesh SACD

dsotm_SACD.jpg (5821 bytes)

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon SACD


gabriel_passion_SACD.jpg (7667 bytes)

Peter Gabriel Passion SACD

gabriel_security_SACD.jpg (6356 bytes)

Peter Gabriel Security SACD

gabriel_so_SACD.jpg (4619 bytes)

Peter Gabriel So SACD


kinks_show_biz_SACD.jpg (9893 bytes)

Kinks Show Biz SACD

krause_live_SACD.jpg (8822 bytes)

Alison Krause Union Station SACD

LA_Four_SACD.jpg (6209 bytes)

LA Four Just Friends SACD


mozart_requiem_SACD.jpg (6122 bytes)

Mozart Requiem SACD

mozart_symphonies_serenades.jpg (8040 bytes)

Mozart Symphonies Serandes SACD

peter_green_SACD.jpg (5931 bytes)

Peter Green Man of the World SACD


reggatta_de_blanc_SACD.jpg (6328 bytes)

The Police Regatta de Blanc SACD

sheherezade_SACD.jpg (9996 bytes)

Valery Gergiev Sherherzade SACD

wild_rhondda_SACD.jpg (6736 bytes)

Heneghan Walking the Wild Rhondda SACD


zenyatta_modatta_SACD.jpg (6857 bytes)

The Police Zenyatta Modatta SACD