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Positive Feedback ISSUE 50
july/august 2010


The 2010 California Audio Show, Part 2, Page 1
by Dave and Carol Clark


the lotus group

The Lotus group had a very impressive system including the Granada UP II loudspeaker with active crossover. This speaker features the Feastrex Type II Field Coil Driver  with Phosphor Bronze frames and 20 coats of traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer, and Feastrex power supply. Granada loudspeakers start at $75,000. The pair shown here retail for $125,000.

technical brain monoblocks

The Lotus Group also showed Technical Brain 200 watt monoblock amplifiers. There were 2 pairs in the room, each running $60,000 per pair.

power conditioners

The Lotus Group system was wired with PranaWire and Acoustic Revive as well as a bevy of accessories you can view on their website.

lotus group room

The ever affable Joe Cohen, always ready to answer questions.

lotus group room

For its freshman effort, The California Audio Show managed to pull in the crowds. Of course, with sound as good as it was in the Lotus Group room, it's not surprising that they were always full.

hanns acoustics turntable

The Hanns Acoustics T-30 turntable, $5000.

steve mccormack

Steve McCormack of SMc Audio, smiling and happy.

granada loudspeakers

Lotus Group Granada Loudspeakers, Technical Brain monoblock amplifiers, SMc preamplifier, and Hanns Acoustics turntable. Also in the system dCS Puccini CD-SACD player, $17,999 and Olive 4HD Music server, $2,499. All told, the price of all the components in this system was double the mortgage on our house!

accessories lotus group

The Lotus Group features lots of accessories including Oyaide, and Acoustic Revive.

accessories lotus group

More accessories in the Lotus Group room.

sonist loudspeakers

Sonist, Glow Audio, and Wireworld.

david salz wireworld

David Salz from Wireworld, still going strong.

The lovely Sonist loudspeakers powered by Glow Audio and wired with Wireworld cables.

glow audio integrated

Glow Audio integrated amplifier, lots of great sound in a small package.

sonist loudspeakers

Sonist  Concerto 2 stand mount loudspeakers, $2495 pair.

room at california audio show

In this room: Eficion, Puget Sound Studios, Exemplar, Pyramix, Digital Audio Denmark, Playback Designs, Korg, Stillpoints, JPS, and Studer.


Wirewold Cables. We reminisced with David Salz about the time he gave a presentation to the then Greater South Bay Audiophile Society at our house. How many years ago was that? Too many to count!


deHavilland Mercury III linestage preamplifier $4495. Also shown Cary 306 SACD/CD player.

priceless vintage reel to reel

Vintage 7 1/2 IPS tape deck in the room with deHavilland. Priceless!

sonist and dehavilland

Sonist Recital 3 floorstanding loudpeakers, $1795 pair, along with deHavilland and Wireworld.

audio note uk

Audio Note UK.

audio note uk

Audio Note UK.

profundo room

The Profundo room was a great place to hang out. They featured products by Trenner & Friedl, Cardas Audio, Viva, Heed, and Basis. Everything sounded marvelous in this room! These speakers really played the music in way that far exceeded their diminutive size. Wonderful tonality!

colleen cardas

Colleen Cardas.

dan muzquiz and steve holt

Dan Muzquiz from Blackbird Audio with Steve Holt from MIT.

profundo room

In the Profundo room the new Heed DAC and Transport.

viva amplifier and trenner and friedl loudspeakers

Viva tube amplifier and Trenner & Friedl loudspeakers.

the profundo room system

Another shot of the Profundo system.

audience loudspeakers

Audience ClairAudient 2+2 loudspeakers.

audience loudspeakers

Audience subwoofer.

audience loudspeakers

Audience ClairAudient 2+2 loudspeaker.

audience cables

Audience cables now come in a shorter length. Just kidding of course, these are samples.

audience system

The Audience system sounded quite nice.


Teresonic Reference 2A3, $15,000.


Teresonic Ingenium Silver loudspeakers, $14,500 with Musical Surroundings' Clearaudio Innovation Wood with universal tonearm, $13,000, and Fosgate Signature phono preamplifier, $2500.

Along with the Teresonic Ingenium were the Magus Silver, $5985. Impressive system!

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