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Positive Feedback ISSUE 45
september/october 2009


RMAF 2009 - A Pictorial Report, Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


Vivid loudspeakers with Luxman amplification. Ted Denny of Synergistic Research in the background with his new statement cabling system.

Luxman, Synergistic Research, Vivid Audio, Brinkmann, and devilsound. Wonderful sound and always crowded.

The Nordost setup.

Dynaudio, Octave Audio, Wadia Digital, and Ultralink/XLO Products.

Brian Kyle having a conversation with the man behind Abbingdon Music Research

Gradient loudspeakers from Simplifi Audio.

Simplifi Audio, Adam, DNM, DSpeaker, Gradient, Resolution Audio.

Fidelis Distribution, Harbeth, Perreaux, Skylan.

Emotiva Audio Corporation.

Gold Sound, Parasound, Halo, Quad, Wharfedale.

Avatar Acoustics, Abbingdon Music Research, Acoustic System International, Dr. Feickert Analogue, Rethm loudspeakers.

Dr. Feickert turntable.

Rethm loudspeakers in the Avatar Acoustics room.

Ultrasone Inc. headphones feature surround sound.

In the Usher Audio room.

Stillpoints equipment stand with the Playback Design MPS-5 player, Power Modules Inc. by David Belles, and JPS cables.

Usher Audio, JPS Labs, Power Modules by David Belles, and Stillpoints.


Audioengine products.

Soundsmith and DirectGrace Records.

Kaiser Kawero, Echole, Absolare, GTE Trinity DAC, Pyon Sound Art, Duelund Coherent Audio.

SMc Audio.

Genesis Advance Technologies with SMc Audio. Nice.

Ayre Acoustics, Avalon Acoustics, Blu Note Audio Design, with Cardas Audio.

Induction Dynamics.

Audio Design & Marketing, Belles Power Modules, Exemplar Audio, Eficion Speakers, and Stillpoints.

Karan Acoustics with Cardas Audio.

Orca Design and Manufacturing, Raven Speakers, Clarity Cable.

Arte Forma Audio and Omega Speakers.

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