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Positive Feedback ISSUE 45
september/october 2009


Top 11 Albums - My Music, My Way!
by Peter Clark


The following is a list of albums and music that I enjoy as a 21 year-old college student. I, of course, do not listen to the music most people listen to; I listen to music on the fringe, music that is frowned upon in the high-end audio world, music that if I went into an exhibitorís room at a show, they would ask me to leave. This brings us to the question you might be asking yourself right at this moment, "If no one in the high-end audio realm likes this music, then why write about it?" Well, thatís a simple answer; I donít care what you think. I listen to what I listen to. If you donít like that, steer clear of this article. If you want to know more, read on.


11/ELEVEN (tie)

iamerror, Demo '09

Insert Disc, 9999hp/mp

Genre: Electronic Nintendo, Year: 2009/2009

iamerror, if I am recalling correctly started the whole electronic Nintendo genre. Its a simple genre that is basically just electronic drum and bass, all the other sounds are sampled from Nintendo era games. These two albums tie because they are both really good. I'll admit, iamerror's is a bit better, but they both deserve to be here.

Where can you get these albums: You cannot find these albums anywhere, trust me (unless you download them illegally). Email me and I can get them for you.



Between the Buried and Me, Colors

Genre: Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Year: 2007

Between the Buried and Me's Colors is the precipice of their iconic metal music. This album exemplifies their true intention as a band. If you listen to any album on this list, you will want to listen to this for sure. Even though its number 10, it sets the tone for the rest of the album's greatness. Not everyone will enjoy this music style, but the musicianship speaks for itself.

Where you can get this album: In stores or (Amazon)



Genghis Tron, Board up the House

Genre: Grindcore/Tech-Grind, Year: 2008

Genghis Tron pushed the barriers of grindcore with their latest album Board up the House. Genghis Tron is a 3-piece band, consisting of a guitarist, a drummer, and a vocalist who does everything else digitally. The songs range from generic grindcore, to vocal-less electronic melodies. There is a music video for one of the songs "Things Don't Look Good" which exemplifies the idea that the world our children our inheriting (or even the one that I am inheriting) is a mess. The music video is very well done.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)



ISIS, Oceanic

Genre: Post-Metal, Experimental Metal, Year: 2002

This CD, while not at the peak of ISIS' career, was still probably one of the best they have created. It strays from their older albums metal influence, but doesn't quite meet up with the newer album's ambiance. Itís a nice fit between two genres fitting the niche that is post-metal. I suggest this album as a first one to listen to them, rather than a newer or older one.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)



Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Genre: Post-Rock, Year: 2000

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven is a very long set of two CDs. Each CD contains two songs. Each song consists of a number of songs that flow into each other. Each song is at least 20 minutes long. Each song is different though (that is song within song), with the larger genre being post-rock. Incorporated into songs are subtle instruments, such as tubas, horns, and violas. A must listen to album.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)



Cloudkicker, Demo

Genre: Instrumental Metal, Year: ???? (2006? Maybe)

In 2006 I went to a show. I was there to see my friend's band. They were playing last, so a bunch of other bands played first. The first up (and I missed the first song, because I got there late) was Cloudkicker. It's not a band, so much as it is one person playing all the instruments. Obviously one person can't play all the instruments at once, so naturally he had people help him. This guy's music was amazing. It was clever and unique for me. It wasn't quite post-rock, because it had metal influences, and it wasn't quite metal because it had no vocals. Needless to say I was blown away by this performance. The guy was giving out CDs for free, I picked one up, and I've been listening to it ever since. I never, though, went out of my way to find if he's done anything since. The CD has seven short tracks for the genre (with the longest clocking in at 4:46. The songs however are works of art. A must listen to for any fan of metal or the similar.

Where you can get this album: It was only available at shows. If you want it, email me and I can get it for you.



This Will Destroy You, This Will Destroy You

Genre: Post-rock, Electronic, Year: 2007

An album you cannot live without. This album is for one of those days where you have a lot of work to do, but none of it is something you want to do. Put this CD on, have it set in the background and let it envelop a wall of sound around. Just like most post-rock albums, it starts out slow, then builds up into something massive. A must listen to album.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)



Envy, All The Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead

Genre: This album: Hardcore/Post-Hardcore Recent albums: Post-hardcore/post-rock, Year: 2002

Envy is a hardcore band from Japan. They are not your typical hardcore band, as they blend elements of ambience, and intense melodies over their normal hardcore drawl. They have a unique sound to the whole genre. If you want some training wheels for this genre, try their latest album, Insomniac Doze, which has a more of a post-rock feel. In any case you really want to check this album out.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)



Thursday/Envy, Thursday/Envy

Genre: Rock/Post-Rock/Hardcore, Year: 2008

This is not a tie, this album is a split between rock band Thursday, and Hardcore band (at time of creation of this album) Envy. This album is breathtaking, an amalgamation of different genres that combine a melody of eloquence. This album has a total of seven songs, lasting 33 minutes in total. Thursday's four songs are varied, with two being like their normal rock stance (but a bit different from any of their other albums), whereas the other two are ambient, with a post-rock feel. Envy's three songs are dream-like, and distant. They are in their own genre here, pulling elements from hardcore, and from post-rock. This is truly a unique CD, and the only reason why I have Envy up here twice on this list.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon)


2/TWO (tie)

Mono & World's End Girlfriend, Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain

Mono, You Are There

Genre: Post-Rock/Experimental Post-Rock, Year: 2005 / 2006

Short Reviews: Nothing can be said to explain these two marvels of musical talent here. Mono is a band from Japan, consisting of four core members, and a large amount of temporary members. World's End Girlfriend consists of one member providing many different instruments and talents to Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain. You must own both of these albums to understand what post-rock is, and what it is about. Just sit down, put on this CD, and listen. Do not try and make sense of anything, just listen. You will enjoy yourself, I promise. "Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain" is a more of an experimental album, with the overall song being the intense part, whereas "You Are There" is a build up to an intense part, and then clam part to let you down. Both albums are excellent, and unique in their own ways.

Where you can get this album: (Amazon, Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain), (Amazon, You Are There)



Life Long Tragedy, Runaways/Runaways B-Sides (unreleased)

Genre: Hardcore, Year: 2008/2008

This album would not be on this list, but it is truly unique from any other Hardcore album ever released. This album was made by a band from California, who changed genres each album. Their first album was an EP, entitled A Sealed Fate, which was released in 2003, was metalcore. It really wasn't all that good, it tried to be something it wasn't (hardcore). Their second album, Destined for Anything, released in 2006, hit its mark as being pure hardcore. While it still carried over some elements from its previous album, it didn't really show. After releasing a few split albums with other bands (Final Fight, Sabertooth Zombie), they finally released their final full-length, Runaways. The split albums leading up to this masterpiece showed the dark path this band was going down. This album, while still in the hardcore genre, is on the very fringe of genre. It almost veers into their own genre in some songs. The music is dark, heavy, and unique. Shortly after releasing this album, Life Long Tragedy broke up. This album will always stand as a testament of the genre. The unreleased album Runaways B-Sides contains two untitled tracks, presumably ones that didn't make it in to the final cut of Runaways. The songs, in my opinion, are of the better ones in the whole Runaways album. The songs are different in a way that makes them have their own sound. In any case, Runaways is a truly great album.

Where you can get this album: (deathwishinc), (Amazon)