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Positive Feedback ISSUE 36


A quick take on the Dark Field Cable Elevators from Shunyata Research
by Robert H. Levi


At the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Event in February, the new Vivid Loudspeakers, Luxman Reference Electronics, and Shunyata Aurora Helix Cables were premiered in LA. What a wonderful sounding system! While listening to the system, I spied something very intriguing. Shunyata has a new and exotic cable elevator called the Dark Field. They are quite different and effective. They went home with me for a try out.

From the Shunyata website:

The Shunyata Research Dark Field Cable Elevator is based upon a patent-pending static-field-unification principle. The elevator is constructed from expensive, multiple layers of electrically conductive foam. This allows static charges to migrate through the elevator eliminating the build up of static field differentials between the floor and cable that would otherwise create noticeable signal degradation.

In addition to eliminating static-field differential effects, Dark Field Elevators minimize the transmission of vibrations by combining two soft layers of vibration absorbent foam with a third rigid layer that has a different resonant frequency. This not only minimizes floor-borne vibration, but also breaks up standing-wave vibrations within the elevator itself. The Dark Field Elevator's extremely narrow inner layer is formed into a V shape that limits the surface contact area. This minimizes the transmission of vibrational energy from the floor to the cable, while providing a stable and firm support.;

The Dark Field Cable Elevators cost $350 and come in a set of 12 which will do the job in most setups. They are very stable and hold all kinds of cables and power cords without any slippage or wobbling. I elevated my entire system of cables with one box of lifters. They replaced my home brew modified plastic cup setup that was effective, but required tape to hold the cables in place. The Dark Field elevators are set and forget.

As Shunyata claims, they sound quieter in my high definition system than just elevating the cables off the carpet. I heard a definite improvement in quietude, a significant improvement in depth, and an increase in overall system definition. They look great, too, and are very easy to work with. I even heard an improvement in my subwoofer's performance by elevating the Rel's power cord with the Dark Field! They were a solid overall sonic improvement over my home brew lifters.

I love tweaks and this one is a keeper. I like the fact that you get 12 in a package as 6 or 8 is just not enough for most high-end systems. They appear to do a better job of isolating the cables than even taller home made lifters. The materials used look and feel cutting edge. They hold cables of any weight and thickness. No quibbles this time, folks.

New from Shunyata, their Dark Field Cable Elevators are a must own in any high-end setup. They are most stable and flexible with no slippage or wandering on any carpet.

Their effect in a system is not subtle …improvements will be heard across the board. If you don't use cable elevators, you will be truly shocked at the improvement in quiet and definition with the Dark Field. If you do use elevators, chances are these will still make some improvement. I've got a ton of home brew cable elevators for sale cheap. Well done Shunyata! The Dark Field Cable Elevators are highly recommended.

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