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Positive Feedback ISSUE 30
march/april 2007


Calling all fans of SACD!

A petition has been started by another SACD fan on and can be found at the following web address:

If you are passionate about the format or even just mildly interested, please take a few minutes to sign this petition as it is a plea to record labels everywhere to strengthen the format.  We have all heard the supposed pealing bells of doom surrounding this format, and while many major labels have abandoned the format, SACD is still thriving in the classical world and to a smaller degree, jazz and pop.

It will likely take hundreds of thousands of signatures to get the attention of many of the labels, but with perseverance we can not only save the format but perhaps encourage labels who have either dropped SACD (or, labels who have never released SACDs) to do so in the near future.

Please pass this link to all of your audio friends so they can sign this as well!!