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Positive Feedback ISSUE 27
september/october 2006


Liquid Resolution CD/DVD/HDDVD Cleaner and Enhancer System
by Robert H. Levi


 Liquid Resolution™ CD · DVD · HD-DVD Cleaner & Enhancer System

Liquid Resolution Cleaner and Enhancer System from Xtreme AV LLC joins Finyl and L'Art du Son as another powerhouse CD treatment that markedly improves the definition and musicality of Redbook CDs. The most expensive of the group, Liquid Resolution enhances dynamics, midband detail, and overall textural cues to such an extent, one might think the volume control was increased a few dBs. This effect was more dramatic with Liquid Resolution than with the other superb treatments tested.

The Liquid Resolution Kit is quite complete with separate special cloths for each of the two major steps for treating each CD. There's plenty of chemicals for over 300 CDs and easy to follow instructions. It does take a minute or two more time with this treatment than the others.

My system is balanced for maximum definition and musicality. I live on the edge, if you will, and am keenly sensitive to edgy or aggressive sound reproduction. This is a disadvantage for Liquid Resolution as it does make many CDs sound a bit relentless. Never the less, here's what I heard.

Using the new Janaki String Trio Release on Yarlung Records engineered by Steve Hoffman, I started with the naked CD. It is intensely musical and analog-like from the get-go. First, I treated it with L'Art du Son. I sensed a further relaxed, suave sound. Transient edges were a bit smoothed and images were more palpable but a touch less focused. This CD became very analog-like overall and quite involving.

With another copy of the Trio in hand, I treated it with Finyl [now available again at The Audiophile Store:] The newly treated disk was more powerful and exciting with rock solid images. Though less sweet and delicate, the string sound was now warmer and richer. The overall impression was one of nearer to the master tape sound, with focused, vital images, and increased bass response.

Next up was the Liquid Resolution. After washing the copy in soap and water removing the L'Art du Son, the Liquid Resolution was applied. What I heard was startling! The overall sound was bigger, bolder, and substantially more powerful than even the Finyl. I think there was a bit less delicate ambience and air, but it is hard to say with all the drama released into the system. A system balanced to the warmer side of neutral would be truly enhanced by Liquid Resolution. As it is, the affect on my primary Avalon system was almost too much of a good thing with a string trio. It never got hard sounding or brittle, but the dynamism was just not conducive to relaxed listening.

I repeated the tests with the new David Fung Piano Solo Release on Yarlung Records. This new label is superb folks and Steve Hoffman and Bob Attiyeh, the producers, did a brilliant job on these new releases. The Liquid Resolution treatment complimented the piano quite well. The mids and bass were enhanced quite nicely and the dynamic pacing of the Steinway was very alive sounding. This was a wow! Again, if your system is laid-back or you are using a passive line stage, this could be the perfect treatment.

The Finyl treatment was also excellent for this piano recording, though being less powerful sonically. On the other hand, the L'Art du Son was very charming and enhanced the air around the instrument. Again, the Liquid Resolution was the most dynamic and dramatic of the three treatments.

Quibbles? Only one. I am unsure of the surface after the Liquid Resolution treatment of the CDs. It was not entirely clean and clear like the other treatments. No amount of polishing with the supplied special cloth cleared the spotted look on the CDs. Even so, the performance of the CDs appear to be unaffected by any surface residue.

This newest CD enhancer to hit the market is amazing. The dramatic dynamics and downright exciting improvements in the mid and bass response are not at all subtle. It surpasses all other treatments tested for dynamic response. However, top end detail and delicate musical cues seem slightly decreased. The Liquid Resolution Enhancer System is a complete cleanser and treatment kit and yields results anyone can hear and enjoy. I think its fun to use another smart additive to your CD playback regiment. The Liquid Resolution System is worth a try and may be the perfect finishing touch in your system for achieving musical nirvana.

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