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In Rotation, Part 3

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The following is a list of discs that are getting heavy rotation in various writers' systems this month. Watch as other writers list what is spinning in their systems!

In rotation with David W. Robinson


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Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, The Seasons

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Eden Atwood, Waves: The Bossa Nova Session, Groovenote, SACD

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Bennie Wallace, Moodsville, Groovenote, SACD


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Paavo Jarvi/Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Sibelius, Symphony No. 2/Tubin, Symphony No. 5, Telarc SACD


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Benjamin Zander/Philharmonia Orchestra, Mahler Symphony No. 6, 'Tragic, Telarc SACD

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Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, LAGQ Latin, Telarc SACD

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Leopold Stokowski/Symphony of the Air, Rhapsodies: Liszt, Enesco, Smetana, Wagner


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Charles Krigbaum, The Art of the Fugue by J.S. Bach, Red Rose SACD

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Tapestry, Come Into My Garden: Song of Songs,Telarc SACD

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Chris Lomheim Trio, The Bridge

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The Zombies, Greatest Hits

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Mel Tormé, The London Sessions


artegra_spelman_sacd.jpg (9158 bytes)

Akta Spelman, Swedish Fiddle Music

artegra_whitman_sacd.jpg (7743 bytes)

Pete Whitman Quintet, The Sound of Water

audiofidelity__tjader_sacd.jpg (6975 bytes)

The Cal Tjader Quintet, Latin+Jazz=Cal Tjader


In rotation with Gary Beard


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James Taylor, October Road

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Warren Zevon, Excitable Boy

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Robert Plant, Dreamland


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George Szell/The Cleveland Orchestra, The Four Schumann Symphonies


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Kelly Willis, What I Deserve

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Aimee Mann, Lost In Space

In rotation with Greg Ewing


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Luka Bloom, Between the Mountain and the Moon


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Mark Knopfler, Ragpicker's Dream

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Gustavo Santaolalla, Ronroco

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U.D.A, From then to here

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Steve Hackett, Darktown

Deep-sky-divers.jpg (4597 bytes)

Deep Sky Divers, Highlands and Skylands